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Speakers Bureau

It is the intent of the Idaho Creative Athors Network to inspire and lead others to achieve their life goals. As speakers, we share the things we have learned, both in our literary pursuits and life experiences to encourage and educate others. Contact us with questions or book a speaker today!
The ICAN is available as a group for writing conferences and retreats!

JoEllen Claypool

Are you on the verge of a spiritual heart attack?  - JoEllen speaks about the similarities of physical heart disease and spiritual heart disease. In the midst of a woman's busy world, she shares that it is imperative to maintain a healthy heart spiritually. It is usually the first thing neglected as we are pulled in many directions as moms and wives. If we let it go long enough "disease" can take over requiring a trip to the Good Doctor's office and having to give consent for the Holy Spirit to do heart surgery on us. The ultimate goal is not to get to that point!

Choices: JoEllen speaks encouragement to those who feel their lives are too broken to make a difference. She reminds people that their past does not define them and that just as our God is a God who sees us, we need to become people who truly see others. 

Writing and Publishing: JoEllen enjoys encouraging others who have a passion to write. She spurs them on to follow their writing dreams and enjoy each step of the journey!

JoEllen speaks at women's retreats/gatherings on a variety of topics. She has also spoken to youth groups and pregnancy centers regarding unplanned pregnancies and the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion.
Contact JoEllen [email protected]

Carol Kjar

First, the answer to the question most often asked: how do you say that last name, Kjar? It’s pronounced CARE. It’s what we all should do—care.

Carol has always loved to write, but thought writing was only for strange introverts who lived alone, wandered in the woods, and read dictionaries. Instead, she spent her life searching for what she was meant to be. She was a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, a secretary, a statistician, a literacy tutor, a newsletter editor, a timber sale accountant, an archeological technician, and best and longest of all, a technical writer/editor.

It wasn’t until after she retired that she found her life’s true calling, to be a writer. And she didn’t have to live alone or go hiking but reading the dictionary has been helpful. She’s attended numerous conferences, workshops, and lectures and read instructional books to learn the craft of writing fiction. She’s published multiple books (both fiction and non-fiction), research papers, and articles. She also edits fiction and non-fiction works.

Carol welcomes opportunities to speak to groups and share the lessons she’s learned along her life’s journey.

Can You be a Writer? Carol shares the basics of writing and how to get started. People who want to write a book often benefit from a little coaching and encouragement to initiate their writing career.

How Do I Begin My Story? Organizing your thoughts for a book is a long task but doing so will help your story flow better. The first draft can be overwhelming without an outline or plan.

Contact Carol at [email protected] or visit her webpage at

Carol Peterson

I love words—whether they’re written or spoken. That means, not only  do I write, I am also available to speak to your group. I speak about faith and about writing.

On Faith (For Christian Women)

Seeing our Lives as Part of God’s Ongoing Plan Through the Women in the Bible

This talk summarizes the themes of studies in Carol’s With Faith Like Hers book series. Each study looks at the character and circumstances of women in Scripture and how our lives in the modern world are not so different from theirs. Here is the theme for each woman:

Eve:  I walk with God
Esther: God places us in positions for such a time as this
Ruth: Jesus is our kinsman redeemer
Deborah: We are godly leaders (home, church, community, world)
Rahab: God redeemed me and brought me into His family
Hannah: God hears when I cry out to Him
Elizabeth: We are never to old (or young) to be used by God
Mary: Do whatever Jesus tells you


Jesus Wants Me to Do What? Baby-Step Evangelism

Jesus wants us to share His good news with others. That means we are to evangelize. But what does that mean in terms of how we do it? Standard advice is to be kind and quote Scripture a lot. That advice is good of course, but not very specific.

In her talk, Jesus Wants Me to Do WHAT? Carol takes a look at how we can take tiny, itty-bitty baby steps of evangelism by finding reasons to mention Jesus. She starts by exploring the use of one or two words, moves on to creating parables and shares a simple way to create a personal testimony that you can have ready to share. These practical ideas can help us be prepared and give us confidence as we head into the world to share Jesus.

On Writing

Get Going; Keep Going; Get it Done 

This talk takes the basic SMARTER goal-setting technique and applies it to the writing process. Carol first defines each step of  goal setting (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based, Evaluate, Reassess). Carol then gives illustrations of how to apply SMARTER goals to various genres of writing, various writing projects, and marketing and promotion. This talk can be adjusted to focus on other aspects of life, including health and spiritual issues.


Dare to do it!

Writers often feel insecure, overwhelmed or unsure of how to begin a project. In this talk, Carol addresses these issues, focusing on possible causes of fear in our writing and how to get over and through that fear. She also addresses the process of making our writing good—through continued learning and applying that new understanding to our writing and by the wonderful process of revision.


Becoming Known in the World

We writers understand that no one will read (and buy) our books if they can’t find our books. Branding is the process by which we purposefully work to become known in the world. Marketing and promotion are about selling our products. But we authors are about letting the world understand what we are about—how what we write benefits our readers—not just one book but all of what we write. Basically, we are our brand.

Carol takes the confusion out of creating our writing brand by breaking down the process into three steps and then defining each step in further detail so that writers can understand what steps they should take to create their brand of writing and themselves understand the value they provide to their readers.


Writing in Community: When you Leave Your Office and Join the World

Writing is a solitary business. For all of us. But that doesn’t mean all  parts of the business of writing must be solitary. 

Carol addresses the need for other writers in our lives. She gives a template for creating online or in-person critique groups with specific critiquing guidelines and addressing issues that often come up. She also discusses joint marketing efforts—ways we can help each other market and promote our work on a reciprocal basis and touches on the ultimate writing community: the mastermind group.

If you are interested, please drop me a note at [email protected]

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