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Meet the Author
Sheila Eismann

Sheila Eismann is third in her family lineage of five female authors, speakers and poets who endeavors to be an encourager with a sense of humor.
Sheila’s newest release, ​A Stormy Year, continues the Sabblonti Saga as the heir apparent believes there's nothing Sabblonti money cannot buy. Riding her high horse after taking the reins to the Sabblonti Cattle Empire, Stormy Castins is determined to reinvent herself following her husband’s accident.

Poetry Time, ​is an inspirational collection of acrostic and traditional poems.

Jantzi's Jokers, is her first work of fiction, Book One of The Sabblonti Series. The Sabblonti cattle empire, run by matriarch Jantzi Bell, fights for survival when life takes a drastic turn after Jantzi receives a late night visitor.
Heart to Heart from God’s Word ~~ Daily Encouragement for You, doubles as a yearly devotional and prayer journal.
Stirrings of the Spirit, which chronicles ten true life stories of God’s miraculous intervention in the lives of many people, is showcased along with Sheila’s other literary endeavors at
Sheila shares her talents as a book coach, speaker, and public speaking coach. Visit our  What We Offer  page for more information.
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Sheila Eismann!
"Take what is in your heart or spirit and pen it on paper, sing it through a song, or sketch it on a canvas. Creativity is inherent within each one of us ~~ it just needs to be released!"
Sheila Eismann

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"Endeavor to enhance the lives of others through education and encouragement."
Sheila Eismann

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