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Writing Contests

We had a great time with the group who attended the 2018 Treasure Valley Writers' Fest!
Congratulations to the winners of our Fourth Annual Treasure Valley Writers' Fest Writing Contest!  Poetry- Merri Gammage  and Fiction and Nonfiction - CJ Crisman 
MEET  MERRI  GAMMAGE!  I consider myself a creative and passionate person with a tendency to strive for perfection. That can be exhausting, so I use humor to lighten things up. Our family shares lots of laughs. My husband and I have been together most of my life and have raised three witty and down-to-earth young adults. I'm very proud of them. They encourage and inspire me in any project I set my mind to.

It was towards the end of 2013 when I decided to start writing books. So far I have a four part series written in the adventure/fantasy genre, with more to come. My family members have all been involved in this process in one way or another. My daughter inspired the main character for my first book and was the first to read it, her twin brother has encouraged me to see how far I can go with the books, my older son gives me feedback when I get stuck on a thought I can't quite hash out, and my husband asks the tough questions that really get me to focus on and remember why I'm writing. I write because there are characters and places and things in my head, that need to be set free. I want to share these stories with people who just want to read and get away for a bit... escape into imagination.

I hope to get my books published and keep writing. There's nothing quite like creating, whether it's a piece of art or a story for others to enjoy; it just makes me smile.

Claudia Crisman is the mother of two adult children and two step-daughters as well as grandmother to four grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. She takes an active role in her church and is a mentor to women from all walks of life.

The desire to write was placed in her heart many years ago as she experienced life’s hardships and subsequent joy. Her book,  Held Captive for Safekeeping, became a reality when desire met opportunity. Writing her memoir ignited a passion to write and develop her skill of expression. Claudia believes that words can bring clarity or chaos, and as the Bible says, “can speak blessing or cursing; life or death.”  Even through her first try at writing fiction, she endeavors to convey hope, blessing, and life to the reader.

In Claudia’s own words: "It is through the help of Idaho Creative Authors Network (ICAN), that I have been encouraged to write. ICAN offers training and moral support to see that the dreams of writing and publishing a book are made possible. I am forever grateful for the leaders of ICAN and their love for the written word and those who seek their help to attain their dreams of one day holding in their hands a book, a story, a dream come true."

ICAN Writers’ Contest
                   Poetry/Song Lyrics
​                   Bible Study                 
Date due - September 30, 2019

Submissions may not be previously published in print and/or electronic form.

One entry only per category per person.

Take a write out of time! 
Word count/ Line count requirements:
* Name, title, and category in header
* All info must be completed to be eligible
* Times New Roman – 12 point or Courier 12 point
* .doc or .pdf format
*  Double spaced
* One inch margins
* Ragged right (no justified margins)
* Page numbers
* 1000-1200 maximum (entry may be incomplete)
* No profanity or graphic content will be accepted
Additional guidelines:
Entry will not be returned
​Entries not paid for by the deadline will not be judged.
Do not attach more than one entry at a time
You may submit more than one entry - $10 fee for each entry submitted.   
Send each separate entry to [email protected]
Winners will receive an award, certificate, and a formal critique of submission. The names and pictures of the winners will also be published on the ICAN website and on the ICAN Facebook page. 
Need not be present to win
 Request a pdf copy of the contest guidelines at
[email protected]

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