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Meet the Author
Carol Peterson

Carol Peterson began writing for publication in January 2000. Today she has numerous magazine articles in her portfolio and over a dozen traditionally published and independently published books in print.

More importantly, Carol has a heart to encourage other writers and share her knowledge of the craft of writing, the publishing business and trying to become known in the world. She has given workshops, coordinated critique groups covering various genres, set up speakers’ groups and joint marketing groups and continually keeps an eye out for how she can give back to the writing community she loves.

Carol writes in multiple genres: picture book, middle grade fiction and non-fiction for kids and inspirational stories and Bible studies for women. She also maintains a weekly blog and a monthly column for the online Christian magazine, Ruby for Women.

Carol has loved being part of past ICAN events and is thrilled to now become one of the faces of ICAN. She’s especially looking forward to meeting and mentoring other Idaho writers who share her love of stringing together words that inspire, educate and entertain our readers.

In addition to ICAN, Carol can be found online at


Children's Books by
Carol Peterson

Books for the Christian Woman by
Carol Peterson

Books for Writers
Carol Peterson

"We have an endless supply of words 
an unending way to arrange them.
If something isn't right or good,
it can be changed tomorrow. Just write."
Carol Peterson