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It is the intent of the Idaho Creative Athors Network to inspire and lead others to achieve their life goals. As speakers, we share the things we have learned, both in our literary pursuits and life experiences to encourage and educate others. Contact us with questions or book a speaker today!
The ICAN is available as a group for writing conferences and retreats!

Carol Peterson

Carol Peterson began writing for publication in January 2000. Today she has numerous magazine articles in her portfolio and over a dozen traditionally published and independently published books in print.

More importantly, Carol has a heart to encourage other writers and share her knowledge of the craft of writing, the publishing business and trying to become known in the world. She has given workshops, coordinated critique groups covering various genres, set up speakers’ groups and joint marketing groups and continually keeps an eye out for how she can give back to the writing community she loves.

Carol writes in multiple genres: picture book, middle grade fiction and non-fiction for kids and inspirational stories and Bible studies for women. She also maintains a weekly blog and a monthly column for the online Christian magazine, Ruby for Women.

Carol has loved being part of past ICAN events and is thrilled to now become one of the faces of ICAN. She’s especially looking forward to meeting and mentoring other Idaho writers who share her love of stringing together words that inspire, educate and entertain our readers.

In addition to ICAN, Carol can be found online at

JoEllen Claypool

Are you on the verge of a spiritual heart attack?  - JoEllen speaks about the similarities of physical heart disease and spiritual heart disease. In the midst of a woman's busy world, she shares that it is imperative to maintain a healthy heart spiritually. It is usually the first thing neglected as we are pulled in many directions as moms and wives. If we let it go long enough "disease" can take over requiring a trip to the Good Doctor's office and having to give consent for the Holy Spirit to do heart surgery on us. The ultimate goal is not to get to that point!
Choices: JoEllen speaks encouragement to those who feel their lives are too broken to make a difference. She reminds people that their past does not define them and that just as our God is a God who sees us, we need to become people who truly see others. 

Writing and Publishing: JoEllen enjoys encouraging others who have a passion to write. She spurs them on to follow their writing dreams and enjoy each step of the journey!

JoEllen speaks at women's retreats/gatherings on a variety of topics. She has also spoken to youth groups and pregnancy centers regarding unplanned pregnancies and the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion.
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Carol Kjar

Carol spent her life doing many different things. She’s been a teacher, a statistician, a literacy tutor, an archeological technician, and best of all, a technical writer/editor. Now retired, she loves to quilt, sew, and write in her home in the Pacific Northwest where she lives with her husband.

In writing, she found her true calling. Her books are sweet, meaning the characters are mostly good people (every book needs some sort of villain) and good prevails in the end. She has self-published several novels, one children’s book, and a non-fiction book are available from Kindle and Amazon.

Carol's last name is pronounced “care.” She hopes that’s what everyone will do. Care about each other.

Please welcome Carol Kjar! You will get to know her better at our upcoming events!

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