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It is the intent of the Idaho Creative Athors Network to inspire and lead others to achieve their life goals. As speakers, we share the things we have learned, both in our literary pursuits and life experiences to encourage and educate others. Contact us with questions or book a speaker today!
The ICAN is available as a group for writing conferences and retreats!

Carol Green

It’s Up to You!Marketing, Social Media, and More
                Whether you are a writer, artist, or small business owner with a fantastic product, you need to embrace the responsibility of marketing. What can you do to be more successful?
If I Can, So Can You!Why self-publishing might be your best option.
                Why pay someone else to do what you can do yourself? Take control of your publishing timeline as well as the content of your book. Publish more and publish more often.
It Hurts When I do This and That’s Okay!  – How enduring  discomfort can be good.
                Do you continue to fall short of your goals when the going gets tough? Learn how pushing through some kinds of discomfort will bring you closer to achieving your dreams!
When Pain Means, “STOP!” What are you doing to stop your progression?
                Not all pain, discouragement, or uncomfortable circumstance is good for you and much of it is self-inflicted.  Learn how to recognize things you are doing to halt your growth and how to stop them.
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JoEllen Claypool

Are you on the verge of a spiritual heart attack?  - JoEllen speaks about the similarities of physical heart disease and spiritual heart disease. In the midst of a woman's busy world, she shares that it is imperative to maintain a healthy heart spiritually. It is usually the first thing neglected as we are pulled in many directions as moms and wives. If we let it go long enough "disease" can take over requiring a trip to the Good Doctor's office and having to give consent for the Holy Spirit to do heart surgery on us. The ultimate goal is not to get to that point!

JoEllen speaks at women's retreats/gatherings on a variety of topics. She has also spoken to youth groups and pregnancy centers regarding unplanned pregnancies and the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion.
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Phyllis Vavold

Storms Don’t Worry Jesus (Mark 4:35-41) Short, Day Retreat, or Retreat
            “The storm did not awaken Jesus but the heart cry of His disciples did.”
Life’s Faith Journey (Abraham & Sarah – Genesis 18) Retreat
“Doing the impossible is everyday business with God.”
Recipe for Perseverance (Account study of Hannah, I Samuel 1-3) Retreat
            “Release the Pain – Receive the Promise – Recognize the Purpose”
Everyone Loves a Love Story (Personal story) Short
            “I am not defined by my past. I am defined by the Cross.”
Daughters of the King (Isaiah 61:3) – Short
            “When we partner with God the blessings will far outweigh the commitment.”
            Female Speaker, Inspirational, Retreat Speaker, Stonecroft Approved,
            Book Coach
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Sheila Eismann

Real Women – Real Answers
            Sheila speaks on a variety of topics at various types of women’s gatherings.  
Are You Running Around in Circles?
            Everyone has a circle of influence whether it is in the business, civic, private or patriotic sector.  Sheila is available to speak during luncheons, banquets, and community events.
TAG – You’re It!
            T = Talents   A = And    G = Giftings
            What are your talents and giftings?  Learn how to discover and use them to the fullest extent.
Speak Up!
            It’s a proven fact that public speaking is a major component of an author’s marketing plan.  Do you need to polish your public speaking skills?    
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